• Hello, I'm Jan.  I have a background in executive secretarial work, and I've always been one to keep things neat-no matter where I was.  I found myself wanting to straighten up offices of my co-workers, and they would call me when they didn't have time to sort it out.  I enjoyed the organizing better than the secretarial work.  I found it really satisfying also to please my co-workers by helping them to stress less by helping them to organize their files.  It improved their efficiency and they were more confident. Had the University where I worked had a position for an Organizer,  I definitely would have selected it over the executive secretarial slot.  Being organized is very important to the well-being of everyone--in business--and in life in general.  I quit my job- started a business of home organizing and became a certified member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.  Loved it!


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  • The Organizer can have all the training and knowledge under their belt, but if they don't have the overwhelming desire to please their fellowman, then no programs or books  can instill that trait.  I was gifted with this desire from my early youth.  I want to make a living like everyone else, but I don't want to inflict an overbearing bill on someone that's unreasonable.  I want them to be happy with my work and satisfied. I want them to feel like my services were well worth every penny.  But most especially, I want them to have peace and serenity with the finished project.  I was one of the first members of The National Association of Professional Organizers.  They have since changed their name.  I managed my home organization business for many years- retired- but now I  want to share my skills again.  I want my services to be 
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  • The best way to get to know your Organizer is to tell her what you want provided.  
  • I will then prepare an outlay of how I plan to achieve the result you want.
  • If you have no ideas or input to offer as to what you want, then I will draw only on my expertise.  My goal is to give you what you want at a price that you can afford.
  • I list no pricing on my website because it can vary depending on the circumstances.  I do not charge a consultation fee.  I come to your home or business to SEEK YOUR BUSINESS.  If you choose me to do the work, then I'm gainfully employed and eligible to charge you a reasonable price.
  • If you don't choose my services,  then I have others that will need my skills.  It's a win/win situation, and we are all made happy by having met each other.
  • Please give me a call or e-mail me.  We will discuss your questions and determine how my services will best fit into your budget.



Home Organization

Living Room, bedrooms, baths, closets, kitchen, pantry, kids' playroom, home office, attic, basement, & garage.  Move-in and move-outs, senior's downsizing, and transitioning services are also available.  You make the choice as to whether the whole house or just a portion shall be organized.  



File management, office organizing, and stockroom organization are available services.   The Client may choose to receive service in only one area of focus and within only one available time frame.  The Organizer works within the perimeters  of the client's needs.


organization, etc. - with light cleaning

Cleaning and Organizing go hand-in-hand.  It's ideal to have the client available so that they make the decision as to what gets tossed in the elimination process.  However, methods can be employed to allow the Organizer to work independently and later consult with the client.  


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